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Please read carefully before commencing your Credit Application as this application will remain active for 20 minutes.

Cement Australia manufactures and distributes cement and drymix to ABN registered resellers and manufacturers.
The following questionnaire will assist Cement Australia as to your suitability and in determining your eligibility. Alternatively contact 1300CEMENT and we can organise a representative to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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I/We agree that a copy of the Credit Terms has been provided (refer to the blue hyperlink (see left) to read), and that I/We agree to these Terms.

I confirm that my Company or Organisation is a manufacturer, reseller or retailer with a registered ABN.

I am in a position to enter into an agreement with Cement Australia with regards to this Credit Application on behalf of my Company or Organisation

I am able to enter/confirm the following information required to submit this application;
- Company Details such as ABN, ACN, Legal Name and Type
- Information for all Current Directors including Name, Address and Date of Birth
- Company Banking Details
- Company Assets and Liabilities

Who is your Cement Australia Sales Representative?

Please call 1300CEMENT for further information if you need assistance with making this selection or if you have not previously spoken with a Sales Representative.

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Before Pressing "Submit"

- Check information supplied by you for accuracy.
- Check that all required answers are completed.
- Call Cement Australia for any assistance should you have difficulty completing the application.
- Submit the form - directly
- You will receive an email from with the credit application attached.
- Save and print a copy of the document.
- Sign and date the application.
- Retain a copy for your records.
- Email copies to

For your convenience we will commence some initial work from the electronic copy but processing cannot be completed until a copy of the signed original application is received.

Contact Details

Should we need to contact you about the progress of your application, we will use the following information.
Please note that all correspondence will be sent to the below email address. Please add '' to your safe-senders list to ensure emails are not blocked.

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