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Welcome Page
Welcome to our online application for a Commercial Credit Account

Please note that the application is required to be completed in full.

You’ll need the following for your online application:

  • To be the current owner / operator of the business requesting supply
  • Organisation registration details
  • A valid email address
  • Bank account details (for baking accounts only)

Before you continue with the application, please read the following:

Any correspondence between you as the prospective customer and Goodman Fielder, regarding the progress of your application, and any additional information requested, will be communicated via email.

You may be requested to complete a Guarantee & Indemnity form. In the event this occurs, a notification will be sent via email. Please follow the guide attached to the email should you require assistance.

Delivery dockets will only be provided to nominated email addresses, printed copies will not be available.

This credit application will time-out if any page is left inactive for more than 20 minutes.

Important Notes for baking accounts only*:
    Minimum order quantities apply
    Standard delivery fees apply
    Goodman Fielder does not service all geographic regions in Australia
    All accounts are NO RETURNS
    Trading terms are Direct Debit 7 days

*Without limiting Goodman Fielder’s obligations at law, and subject to any existing applicable terms, including as notified by Goodman Fielder.

Should you require any clarification on any of the above information, or any assistance during any part of the application, please contact our Customer Accounts team on 1300 302 027.

To begin, please enter the following required information and click on the NEXT button.

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